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Who we are

Victory at Sea Films (VASF) is a team of creative professionals dedicated to the art of cinematic film production. With over 25 years of combined experience, we can help take your vision from concept to reality using state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a keen understanding of visual storytelling techniques. We are passionate about both large and small-scale film production, and specialize in content creation for marketing materials, corporate videos, weddings, music videos, events, aerial videography, and narrative film. 

WHat we do

The creative process starts with your vision.  What story do you want to tell?  The professional team at VASF will guide you through the production process, always keeping in mind the goal of each video/project.

Pre-production: It is during this time that we review your idea, create a workable script and/or treatment for your approval, and scout locations to maximize our efficiency and productivity during production. We always advocate open communication, and take time before shooting to discuss your idea/message so that your video perfectly and accurately represents you and your brand.

Production: our team will arrive at your location with a detailed shoot schedule and all of the necessary audio and video equipment (including the DJI Ronin Stabilizer, Quadcopters, Canon 5dMKiii, and Sony Lavaliere Microphones). We keep our productions efficient and professional while maintaining a fun, relaxed atmosphere and believe this is necessary to achieve high-quality results. Depending on your production needs, we can provide hair and makeup artists, craft services professionals, and talent – anything and everything you need and expect from a professional video production.

Post-production: Editors at VASF will organize, assemble and color-correct your video footage. Once this is complete, we will provide you with physical and/or digital copies of your project in your preferred format.